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Mary Pecarski, RVT

This week, the OAVT connected with Mary Pecarski, RVT who will be presenting two sessions in the Shelter Medicine track at the upcoming OAVT Conference. We asked Mary a series of questions, inviting her to share more about her current role and past experiences. 

Mary Pecarski joined the Ontario SPCA in July 2014. As part of the Shelter Health and Wellness Department, Mary manages the Registered Veterinary Technician Program. Mary graduated from St. Lawrence College in 2003 with a diploma in Veterinary Technology, achieving her RVT designation shortly thereafter. With years of expertise in emergency animal care, she decided to pursue a career in shelter medicine. Mary has since demonstrated knowledge and commitment to animal welfare practices and philosophies.

What do you think is the best part of your job?

It is hard to pick the “best” part since there are so many things that make my job as enjoyable as it is. Of all the things, there is one common denominator, and that is my wonderful colleagues! It takes a village to support/service animals in an animal shelter environment, and I have the pleasure of working alongside some of the most dedicated, animal-centric, and compassionate professionals in the industry! But, there is also needs to be an honorable mention to puppies……puppies are the best too!

Can you brief a unique case that you handled? 

Honestly, I feel like every experience is a unique one. Each animal that comes into our care, has their own individual needs to be addressed; it’s never a one size fits all approach. There is something to learn from every patient we see.

What makes you special in the animal healthcare industry?

What makes me special in the animal healthcare industry is that I AM AN RVT!! RVTs are an integral part of every health care team; shelter medicine included. It’s RVTs that have the skill-trained eye to identify early signs of illness/disease, collaborate with DVMs to implement customized animal care plans, proactively address behavioral well-being, and much much more. The animals rely on RVTs in the shelter and benefit tremendously from their specialized skill set. 

What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming OAVT conference? 

I am most looking forward to learning. Although I’ve been an RVT for 18 years, there is still so much learning to be had. The OAVT conference is one of my favorites for continuing education. And this year’s agenda looks amazing- I can’t wait! 

Hear more from Mary Pecarski on March 2, 2022 during the Shelter Medicine track!

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