Hands-on Labs & Workshops

The OAVT 2023 Conference will offer an unprecedented amount of interactive learning opportunities for attendees. Each of the workshops and hands-on labs are an additional cost to the conference pass. Attendees must hold a conference pass for the day that the workshop or hands-on lab is being presented.


Workshops are interactive, large group sessions that promote a shared learning environment. 

Nutrition Case Study Challenge
Presented by: Anne-Marie Germain, DVM
Friday, March 3 | Price: $30

Want to enhance your nutrition knowledge while having a blast? Join us in this fun-filled workshop where you will work in small groups to solve Nutrition Case Study Challenges, escape room style! Your team will need to collaborate to solve challenges and gain clues along the way to build the ideal nutritional plan for your patients with comorbidities.

Hands-on Labs

Hands-on labs will focus on practicing a specific skill or set of skills in an interactive environment. Hands-on labs are typically smaller groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to practice the new skills. 

Some hands-on labs will involve cadavers. The OAVT is working with industry partners to ensure cadavers are ethically sourced and has a plan in place to ensure they are treated compassionately and humanely before, during, and after the event. Participants in this hands-on lab will be provided with necessary safety equipment and clearly outlined safety procedures to follow during the session.

RECOVER Veterinary CPR Certification
Presented by: Andrea Steele, MSc, RVT, VTS (ECC) and Scarlett Wong, RVT
Friday, March 3 AND Saturday, March 4 | Price: $600

Attend this full-day, hands-on lab to receive your RECOVER Veterinary CPR certification. The certification process consists of an online course followed by onsite training at the conference. Because of this, participants must have successfully completed the RECOVER online BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) courses available at Successful completion of this course grants certification as a RECOVER BLS and ALS Rescuer. Human medical professionals certify in human CPR. Veterinary medical professionals should certify themselves in veterinary CPR!

The cost of this lab includes access to complete the pre-requisite online courses. If you have already successfully completed the online modules, you may be eligible for a discount. Please reach out to

Diagnostic Techniques for Dermatology (Wait List)
Presented by: Jennie Tait, RVT, AHT, VTS (Dermatology)
Friday, March 3 AND Saturday, March 4 | Price: $75

It’s not rocket science, it’s just dermatology. This hands-on lab will take you step by step through the best techniques for in-house sample collection and interpretation. Mastering these basics will up your derm game and improve the care your patients receive. If you are a fellow Derm Nerd, then this is for you: cytology sampling, culture collection, skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates, biopsies and more!

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Practical Bandaging & Wound Management (Wait List)
Presented by: Justin Levy, DVM
Friday, March 3 | Price: $100
This lab will involve cadavers. Read More

In this hands-on practical, you will learn how to assess and treat open wounds, and what dressings will be the most appropriate to use during wound management. In addition, we will learn and practice forelimb and hindlimb bandage techniques for the commonly seen orthopedic complaints in dogs and cats.

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Local & Regional Anesthesia (Wait List)
Presented by: Kristen Cooley, VTS (Anesthesia / Analgesia)
Friday, March 3 | Price: $150
This lab will involve cadavers. Read More

Locoregional anesthesia is often an easy and very effective way to treat pain. Learn about commonly used local anesthetics and combinations alongside a review of different techniques for using them effectively.

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Central and Peripheral Sampling Lines
Presented by: Valerie Garuccio
Saturday, March 4 | Price: $100

Advanced venous access is an essential skill for veterinary professionals. Using the modified Seldinger technique, attendees place multi-lumen central lines in a model, under the guidance of the instructor. Peripheral sampling catheters are placed in the lateral saphenous vein using a modified ‘through the needle’ technique with the MILA Drum long line kit. Attendees apply proper dressing on these catheters and discuss appropriate maintenance of them in the ICU.

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Dental Nerve Block (Spaces Added)
Presented by: Heidi Reuss-Lamky
Saturday, March 4 | Price: $150
This lab will involve cadavers. Read More

Attendees with have the opportunity to perform a variety of oral nerve block techniques using canine and feline skull models, as follows: canine dental blocks, to include the mandibular, middle mental, maxillary and infraorbital nerve blocks. Feline blocks demonstrated will include the mandibular, maxillary, and infraorbital nerve blocks. Helpful tips and pointers will also be discussed.

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