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Volunteer Information

The OAVT Conference is looking for volunteer RVTs to assist as session moderators, Ambassadors, and staffing the OAVT booth. We also have a few openings available to students who wish to assist with the hands-on labs and workshops.

All volunteers must be available to attend volunteer training virtually in January 2025. Volunteers are also expected to be on-site by 7:00am each day.

Volunteer Roles

Requirements: All volunteers must be current RVTs (or a current Student Member) in good standing with the OAVT. Here is a brief overview of each role. A complete description is provided to volunteers upon acceptance.

LEAD Moderator – Two needed

Role: The Lead Moderators work in conjunction with the Event Specialist and are responsible for managing, assigning and overseeing all volunteer moderators.

They are also expected to:

  • participate in set-up on Thursday afternoon
  • be present for the entire conference
  • attend volunteer training sessions
Session Moderators

Moderators are comfortable:

  • interacting with other RVTs
  • speaking clearly in front of a full room
  • introducing the speaker
  • have general knowledge of the conference

Ambassadors are comfortable:

  • greeting attendees
  • providing directions
  • answering questions
  • standing for long periods of time
  • have general knowledge of the conference and the layout of the convention centre.


  • assist with materials distribution for hands-on labs and workshops
  • may include moving heavier items (such as mannequins)

NOTE: students are not eligible for the discount or CE credit as they receive a student conference pass at no charge.

Booth Staff


  • Greeting attendees at the OAVT booth
  • Directing members to a variety of flyers or information about their inquiry
  • Answering commonly asked questions (with information provided during training)
  • Managing other activities happening within the booth (such as giveaways or contests)
  • Identifying or tracking inquiries that should be addressed by other OAVT staff members
Volunteers will be recognized for their time and efforts:

Moderators: are eligible to earn CE credits for sessions they moderate if they scan their conference QR code.

Booth & Ambassadors: are eligible to earn Volunteer CE credits (applied to category 2).

ALL Volunteers receive:

  • a $15 discount for every hour volunteered
  • must fulfill a minimum of 3 hrs in one day to qualify for the discount